When we were approached by the enthusiastic and energetic MD of Wild Trail, we jumped at the chance to help him to deliver his vision. Wild Trail bars are manufactured a stone's throw from the magnificent Craig yr Aderyn on the south west edge of Snowdonia. Some of family still live in a beautiful, traditional farm house overlooking the stunning vista of 'Bird Rock'.


Naturally, we knew the affinity with this landscape made this fabulous icon a perfect fit for Wild Trails' product range.


The bars are the perfect balance of five, simple and wholesome ingredients, so the branding  and packaging needed to follow suit. Wrapped in foil backed brown paper using the natural colours of the landscape and ingredient. We think we've created a fabulous brand which encompasses a truly delicious and nutritious product. Wild Trail bars have 'Bird Rock' on the wrapper and these really do deserve to fly!

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A friendly, creative and highly experienced team, who have the pleasure to work in the stunning countryside of Herefordshire.

Our in-house skills punch well above our weight. Skills honed in the product design, advertising, photography and the newspaper industries. Fuelled by coffee and refreshed by a brisk rural walk with our studio dogs - we are ready to take on the creative day.

Who are





For getting close to 20 years, Monster have been involved in creating brands and providing highly targeted marketing for clients large and small.


Whether that is rebranding an existing product for a large multinational or a ground-up project for an entrepreneur, our approach tends to start with sitting down with a good cup of coffee (or tea) and ask as many questions as possible. It's this initial quizzing that starts the 'honing' process, gets the creative juices flowing and allows us to begin to understand the aspirations for the project.


Years of being semiotic and linguistic sponges have given us a huge data base of what drives consumers to purchase and what elements convey the messages our clients want their brands to deliver


So pop the kettle on and scroll down further for a little more insight into what the Monsters could do for you...


It's all about the brand!

Although that isn't strictly true, it does help enormously if your brand identity conveys what you or your product are all about.  Many factors come into play when creating a successful brand identity. Some factors are technical other choices are more about the aesthetic. All the factors need to be taken into consideration to enable your customers to know that it is right for them.


As consumers, we have had a fabulous subconscious visual education just by going about our daily lives. We take these subconscious triggers and weave them into all the elements of the designs we create for our clients. Colour, typography, linguistics and imagery used working in harmony to promote our client's vision.

In our increasingly digital world, it's still rather nice to be able to pick up and read a finely thought out piece of literature.


At Monster we can design and produce anything from a small single sided flyer to brochures and books running into the hundreds of pages. And don't worry if you want to print a small run and integrate your 'printed' literature into a digital campaign - we can provide you with something that you can 'ping' to your customers at the press of a button too.


books & leaflets


When you have something to promote, you have to advertise it. Over the years we've created thousands of adverts for an incredibly diverse range of products. The thing that is common to all, is the targeted way we approach a campaign.


Whether it's a small newspaper advert, 48 sheet poster campaign or a TV ad. They all speak the language used by the target consumer.



Photography was our Creative Director's starting point on his creative journey. There's not much he doesn't know about how to make great images and having this resource within the agency allows us to be incredibly flexible with how the photography integrates with the design. It has been known for packaging design and photography to be happening at the same time, where an intricate photographic compostion can be tweaked 'live' and dropped into the design for a perfectly balanced final outcome.

point of sale & beyond


Whether displaying your wares to a more captive audience or you need something to shout out about your products in a larger way, we have produced exhibition materials from simple pull ups to huge and showy stands complete with media wall and, in one case, dancing girls!

If your message needs to go mobile, we can translate your branding onto 4 wheels. If you go in-store and you will find our work pushing brands both in the supermarkets and the wholesalers.  If you want to go 'large' just give us a call!


Although it's the bit that gets thrown away, on branded goods, it's almost always the customers' first point of reference. Get the packaging right and you are a lot closer to getting your potential customers to purchase.


Packaging comes in many forms and whether you use a tried and trusted format or want to push the boundaries to make your product leap off the shelf a little more, Monster have the skills and experience to realise and exceed your expectations


Research before making a purchase, keeping in touch with friends, finding and buying bargains, searching for funky things to do in the big wide world or just watching kittens make epic fails. The internet has become the greatest resource for 'everything' we have ever known. Naturally you need to be part of it!

It doesn't matter if you are an artisan leather bag maker, run a shop on the High Street or simply have plans to show the world what you can do. You need to be on-line and you need your presence to deliver your message in the best way possible. If you've tried to built it yourself and have come to the realisation that you need your website 'designed', give us a call or ping us an email. We'd love to help you to get your dream online.


From perfume bottles and cardboard engineering to 3D product design. Our philosophy is to design  items that are aesthetically pleasing with maximum user functionality. If you'd like to get your idea into reality, give us a call or email us. We'd love to help you

get your product to market.

From perfume bottles and cardboard engineering

to 3D product design. Our philosophy is to design

items that are aesthetically pleasing with the maximum

of user functionality. If you'd like to get your idea into reality, give us a call or email us. We'd love to help you

to get your product to market.


Since the dawn of the motion picture, movies have always had the ability to...     'move us'. Today the ability to get your video stream out there is easier than ever before. Create an online channel, record your piece and get it out there! They can be as complex or as simple as you like or your budget dictates. We've created videos, animations and adverts for clients as diverse as an up and coming singer/songwriter for her first singles' video, to a large international company's rousing conference finale.


More often these days, it is short clips to promote the company or product range on online video streaming sites, so if you've got a movie in you, give us a call or bash out an email. We'd love to hear your ideas.

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