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People are fascinating and taking
a great photo of them is a joy.
We capture images of people for all kinds of reasons. Promoting brands, to sell clothing, highlight a company's services and sometimes just for fun!




Products can be some of the most challenging items to shoot. A challenge we love to rise to! Capturing the perfect image of a waste bin or highlighting the subtleties of a unique fabric, there's always a 'perfect treatment' to draw the character out of the subject. Photographing ice-pops during the height of summer when the brief is to shoot the product in snow - no problem. Making a splash with a new product launch - water off a ducks back!


Food photography has always been one of our specialisms. We love food! Living and working in an area surrounded by fresh produce, it tends to be high in our everyday consciousness!

Food photography can be notoriously tricky, but we relish the days when we have something cooking in the studio kitchen with the set ready for the fresh bowl or plate to take its starring role.


From fresh fruit to fettuccine, if it's edible, we've probably photographed it...

                                   ..and then eaten it!


Capturing the perfect photograph requires either pre-planning or an incredible amount of luck. Being in the right place at the right time can be predicted, so we prefer to use the former.


Our images of places have been used for anything from magazine articles to advertising campaigns.